Motorama Scaled TriaLS Rules and Guidelines

Scaled Trials Classes and Rules

 Rules & Guidelines

Each course is marked C1, C2, C3, etc. Each competitor must complete each course in order starting with course 1. The completion of every course is considered a round. After each round, the competitors overall score will be recorded.

Competitors score 1 to 4 points on each course. Either by the sector their run stopped in or by crossing the finish line.

A competitors run is over on a course when one of the following happens:

    - Touch a boundary.

    - Roll over. 

    - Time out.

    - Forward movement stops on certain courses.

    - Cross the finish line.

    - Mechanical breakage.

    - Miss a gate on certain courses.

A competitor that has a mechanical breakdown or electrical issues will receive the points for the sector that the breakdown occurred.

A vehicle must be completely in the sector to receive that sector’s point value. The same for the finish line. The rear bumper will be used to determine this. 

Score cards are the competitor’s responsibility. Do Not lose or misplace your scorecard.

A competitor must stop at the score table to record their score after each round is complete. A round is the completion of all the courses in numerical order. 

Drivers are not allowed to walk inside the boundaries of a course. Some courses may require a driver to stand or sit in a designated area.

Rules & Guidelines will be finalized during the drivers meeting and will be posted at the start of every course with the time limit for that course.

The competitors will get 3 rounds Saturday to score as many points as possible to compete on Championship Sunday. The number of drivers advancing will be determined by class size. 

Class Start times will be posted prior to event start.

Classes are limited to 100 vehicles per class.