Arenacross Racing Facts and Guidelines


Friday: 2pm to 10pm Arenacross sign-up and pit area opens

Any bikes in pit area before 2pm will gate pick last both days.

7am to 8:30am Competitor Gates Open
8:30am to 9:00am Arenacross riders meeting (MANDATORY)
9:00am to 12noon Arenacross Practice Large Arena
1:00pm to 6:00pm Arenacross Qualifiers Large Arena
7:30pm to 11:00pm Arenacross Finals Large Arena

7:30am to 8:30am Competitor Gates Open
8:30am to 1:00pm Arenacross Qualifiers Large Arena
2:15pm to 5:30pm Arenacross Finals 


1. Be sure to bring enclosed map so you know where to enter the building

2. To enter the complex, come into the north lot by turning at Industrial Road from Cameron Street. Signs will say Exhibitor & Vendor Parking Only. 

3.  All spectators driving separately must park in the attendee parking lot by turning onto Elmerton Avenue

4.  If you do not have reserved parking, you may park in the main lot attendee parking and bring your race vehicle to the participant entrance.  All racers must go to the arenacross sign up table (#1 on map) to check in on Friday. Motorama Events has paid your parking fee to the Farm Show Complex and all competitors will receive one parking pass.

5.  To exit the parking lot use Industrial Road exit

6.  GPS address for this event 2300 North Cameron St Harrisburg PA 17110

Access & Registration

7.  No refunds will be issued for any reason, including the cancellation of race entry, admission tickets or pre-entry costs. Friday registration is mandatory for all riders between 2PM & 10 PM.

8.  Registration will be in 3 steps: First: you will go to sign up table and make sure you’re A.M.A. membership and minor release forms are completed. Second: (New this year, Transponders are mandatory for this event. The rental rate for the weekend is $15.00. Each rider will receive 1 transponder for all classes entered. The rider will need a credit card or a cash deposit of $100 as a security deposit for the transponder rental. If the rider owns a MYLAPS transponder they can use their own.) Go to the transponder rental table to receive your transponder and transponder number. Transponders can be purchased at this time. Transponder mounting instructions will be provided at this time. Third: Verify your entry, by going to the table with the Kiosk to enter your transponder number. For information on the transponder being used you can visit

9.  Be sure to bring all tickets returned to you when pre-entered. If you forget them, you will have to purchase new ones at the door. Please have tickets ready when you enter.

10.  You are responsible for showing up on time for all scheduled activities. Come early. 

11.  You will be instructed when and where to start and run your race vehicle in Harrisburg. 

12.  You will be directed where to pit when entering the building at Harrisburg (#1 on map). Pit area is open Friday from 2 PM to 10 PM.

13.  No one is allowed in the complex after midnight both Friday and Saturday nights. Overnight security will be provided.

14.  Spectator gates open at 9am both days. Two day pass holders may enter the pit area at 7 AM Saturday and 7:30 AM Sunday.

15.  Cycle riders may purchase an AMA Card at Harrisburg. If you already have one, please be sure to bring it with you.

16.  You cannot change your pre- entered number already registered at our office.

17.  If you have the same racing number as someone already entered in your class, we will notify you to make a number change. 

18.  3 numbers required. Cycle rider district numbers or colors on plates are acceptable. Cycle riders having numbers or letters on jackets or jerseys must correspond with plate

19.  Each rider entered will receive 1 wristband for a parent or mechanic of the entered rider. This person must sign a release form on Friday from 2pm to 10pm or Saturday before Noon, before being issued their band. Only band wearers will be allowed access to the arena floor and starting gate area prior to their rider’s event and must leave the arena floor when instructed to do so. Band not good for admission entrances or any other purpose.

Equipment & Stations

20.  Inside Electrical hook- up tag must be displayed at your pit area at all times. Anyone caught using electric without a tag will be charged 100.00 or asked to leave. 

21.  Do not bring excessive smoking vehicles. Be prepared to transport your equipment from the parking lot to the complex.

22.  Do not chain your race vehicle or anything to the building, inside or outside the complex. Be sure to bring fuel, tools, racing apparel, and all necessary racing equipment to your pit in area. You should have a stand to park 2 wheel cycles in an upright position.

23.  Only the fuel stored in your tank will be allowed inside. All spare fuel must be stored in the outside fuel storage area (#3 on map). All refueling must be done outside. This is ordered by the Fire Marshall.

24.  Do not attempt to start, run or race your motorcycle inside or outside the complex, except in the warm- up area(#3 on map)

Building Safety & Complex Rules

25.  State Law prohibits possession of alcoholic beverages on state property without a permit.

26.  Violators will be prosecuted. Alcoholic beverages will be sold at the stands in complex.

27.  The Department of Environment Resource will check the carbon monoxide content in the building. We must insist that your vehicle be jetted properly and not be smoking excessively

28.  Motorama Events is not responsible for fire and theft to anything that is your property

29.  The following items are not allowed to be brought inside the farm show complex: Pets, Alcoholic Beverages, Fuel Cans, Drugs, Stickers, Balloons, Open Flames, Skateboards, Scooters, Bicycles, Firearms, Laser Pointers, Roller Blades, Footballs, Frisbee, Remote Control Vehicles, Food, Drinks or Coolers