Ms. Motorama Facts and Guidelines

Ms. Motorama Instructions

  -All contestants must be a female between the ages of 18 and 45.

-Contestants must compete in all rounds of competition (Interview, Swimwear, Sportswear, and Charity Functions) to be eligible for awards.

- Motorama Productions and the Ms. Motorama Pageant do NOT COVER TRAVEL OR LODGING COSTS FOR CONTESTANTS! All travel and lodging costs are the responsibility of the contestant.

- As part of the Ms. Motorama Package, each contestant will receive 2 weekend entry passes (One pass for the contestant, and one pass for a guest) and one parking pass. Passes will be given out at the meeting and rehearsal on the Friday before Motorama. If contestants would like any additional tickets, they are encouraged to purchase them online at a discount prior to the event.

- If a contestant is unable to attend Friday’s meeting and rehearsal, they must inform the pageant staff no later than February 1st, so we can mail entry passes. If you do not notify us by February 1st, and cannot attend the meeting, you will be responsible for paying for your own parking and entry tickets.

-Contestants will be provided with a sponsored shirt to wear on Saturday and Sunday. Contestants will need to bring their own black leggings and boots to wear with these shirts. 

-Contestants will also be provided with custom gifts from Nikkay Fashions Jewelry, and our other sponsors. 

- A large dressing room/lounge room with tables and chairs will be provided for all contestants. Contestants are asked to bring their own mirrors to get ready. Contestants and Ms. Motorama Staff only are allowed in the dressing room, NO GUESTS IN THE DRESSING ROOM.

- Lunch and Dinner will be provided for contestants on Saturday, and Lunch will be provided on Sunday.

-Contestants will need to attend a meeting and Pageant Rehearsal Friday night at the Farm Show Complex. 

-Professional Hair and Makeup Artists will be on site for contestants. Cost of hair and makeup is the responsibly of the contestant. To schedule an appointment, please email the pageant director at Contestants are NOT allowed to bring their own hair and makeup artists to the facility; they must utilize those services at their hotel, home, or a salon. Only the hair and makeup artists provided by the Ms. Motorama Pageant will be allowed to do hair and makeup on site. Violation of this will be grounds for disqualification.

-Contestants will be scored on 3 separate rounds: Interviews, Swimwear, and Sportswear. Awards will be given to the top 3 scoring contestants in each round, and the contestant with the most combined points from each round will be crowned Ms. Motorama. 


-Interviews will be held on Saturday morning in the Ms. Motorama Room. Interviews are private, and not open to the public for viewing.

-Contestants will wear black leggings and boots, and a provided sponsored shirt for interviews.

- Interviews will be scored on overall poise and attitude, and answers to the questions.

Swimwear Round:

-Swimwear round will be held Saturday afternoon on the main stage in the Tuner/Hot Rod Hall.

-The swimwear round is open to Ms. Motorama contestants ONLY! It is NOT an open bikini contest like previous years.

-The swimwear round will consist of 2 parts, the first being a judged competition and scores will be added to the Ms. Motorama Pageant scores, and the second part will be a crowd voted round for cash prizes. Crowd voting does NOT affect the scoring for the Ms. Motorama Pageant; it is simply an extra round for the contestants to have fun and earn more prize money.

- Contestants will walk the stage and be judged on overall beauty, poise, attitude, stage presence, and choice and fit of swimwear.

- Contestants MUST wear FAMILY FRIENDLY SWIMWEAR. This means NO thongs, clear string bikinis, pasties, competition bikinis with thin rhinestone connectors, or small scrunch butt bottoms. If a contestant chooses to wear a scrunch butt bottom, it MUST cover at LEAST 50% of their bottom and be taped or glued down. NO COMPETITION BIKINIS WITH THIN RHINESTONE CONNECTORS! THE SIDES OF THE BIKINIS MUST BE AT LEAST ONE INCH THICK.  Ladies please email with any questions regarding swimwear.

-Contestants are allowed to wear a sarong/wrap over their bottoms, and will be asked to do so if they arrive with bottoms that are too small to wear on stage. Judges will not remove points if contestants are wearing a sarong or wrap.

- Contestants may wear heels, boots, or other approved flats with swimwear, but may not be barefoot or wear flip flops. 

Sportswear Round:

-The Sportswear Round will be held on Sunday morning, on the Speed Show Stage and will be followed by awards and the crowning of Ms. Motorama.

- Contestants will walk the stage and be judged on overall beauty, poise, attitude, stage presence, and choice and fit of dress.

-Contestants are asked to wear a cocktail dress and heels. Sundresses and boots, high/low dresses and skirts and tops or 2 piece dresses are also accepted. No long prom gowns or flip flops please.

- After walking the stage, each contestant will be asked “Why do you want to be Ms. Motorama?” Contestants will be scored separately on their answer to the question, and the scores from this question will NOT be added into the overall scores for Ms. Motorama. It will only be used as a tie breaker.

Charity Functions:

-All contestants are required to participate in supporting the Motorama Charities throughout Motorama weekend.

- All contestants will be required to help with bucket collections in the main arena on Saturday evening.

RC Car Race 

- 10 Contestants and former Queens may volunteer to race RC Cars on Saturday after Interviews.

- If more than 10 contestants/queens volunteer, 10 names will be drawn out of a hat to decide who will participate.

- Contestants will be provided with an RC Car and instructed how to race, the winner(s) will be awarded with prizes.

People’s Choice

- All contestants who submitted photos with their entry will have a photo placed on the Ms. Motorama Facebook page, and the Motorama Events Facebook Page.

- The contestant with the most likes from BOTH pages will be the People’s Choice Winner.

- Contestants must participate in all rounds of competition at Motorama to be eligible for awards.

- The Top 3 People’s Choice Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony, the first place winner will win a cash prize.

- People’s Choice voting does NOT affect the Ms. Motorama scoring.

- It is NOT required for a contestant to participate in People’s Choice, but it is encouraged. If you wish to enter the pageant but not participate in People’s Choice, please inform the pageant director Karin or Nikke through email of this decision when you submit your entry.

Please email MsMotoramaPageant@gmail.comwith any questions!